Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

As I sit here writing with the smell of a Thanksgiving gumbo scenting the air, I don't mind that my day has been spent mostly alone. Graeson and Joey are with family in FL enjoying food and fellowship, and Ema will be home from work soon. I've had time today to think about all the … Continue reading Thankful, Grateful, Blessed


Insecurity’s Road

I'm an alumnus of the Academy of Richmond County one of the oldest surviving schools in the country. My high school was established in 1783 as a boy's military academy. While no longer a military academy it still churns out class after class of graduates. I hated high school despite my school's illustrious history. I … Continue reading Insecurity’s Road

I’m Still Good

Most anyone that asks me how I'm doing, in person, by text, or on the phone, gets the same response. I'm good. Some that probe a little further will get more but for the most part, I'm good covers it. It's not that I'm always good natured, feeling good, acting the way I should, or … Continue reading I’m Still Good

An Open Letter to God

Often I find myself praying in much the same way that I write. Jumbled up, sorta straightforward but all over the place at the same time. I think of praying as more of an open letter to God. I never truly finish writing it because I always have one more post script to add. I … Continue reading An Open Letter to God

Trigger Happy

Like most people, there are certain things that just set me off. Normally I am fairly even tempered and any explosion of anger or other emotion takes a while. Working in a call center I learned very quickly that I have one trigger that is like lighting a fuse, and the explosion is almost immediate. … Continue reading Trigger Happy

It’s Hot and I’m an Idiot

Lawd it is hot and I love it. That doesn't stop me from being an idiot though, it seems to amplify it. I no longer have a pool that I can get into any time I'd like. That disappeared like my second husband, two years ago. Unlike the marriage, I miss the pool. There is … Continue reading It’s Hot and I’m an Idiot

Of Mice

And then there are men. Mice I don't like, at all. Men on the other hand I appreciate very much. When I was married to my first ex husband we lived in central FL and had fruit trees in the yard. Anyone that has ever had an abundance of fruit trees or been in the … Continue reading Of Mice


I put what is in my head, the stuff that the lady approves for release, on paper. It isn't always pretty but it's always me. Sometimes I write very specifically about a person, group, or memory. Sometimes the things I write are general leaving people to draw their own conclusions about what I mean. Sometimes … Continue reading Sometimes

Maintenance Required

Over the last couple of years I've realized that I'm not as low maintenance as I pretend to be. On the outside, I only wear makeup once in a while, I prefer jeans to dress pants, I pay my own bills, and I try to go with the flow. In a lot of respects I … Continue reading Maintenance Required

Adulting Advice

As a teenager we look at our parents, their friends, our teachers and think about one day when it will finally be our turn. One day no one will be able to tell us we can't do that. One day we'll be able to go when we want and with whoever we want. One day … Continue reading Adulting Advice